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Touchdown Club

It Takes A Team Off the Field, to Support One On the Field...

What is the Minnetonka Touchdown Club?

The Minnetonka Touchdown Club is a 501.3c non-profit organization wholly committed to supporting Minnetonka youth football from 3rd through 12th grade.

Click here to read our Core Values, Mission Statement, and Mission Touchstones.

How does the Minnetonka Touchdown Club support football?

A 100% volunteer organization, the Minnetonka Touchdown Club sponsors numerous player events and fundraising efforts to support 700 Minnetonka football players at all levels.

What is needed?

Annual fundraising is required to provide approximately $150,000 towards the Minnetonka Football Program supporting over 700 students. 

How do we get there?

Your financial contribution is critical to the strength of our football program and it is very much appreciated. Thank you for your support!‚Äč