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Parent 10 Commandments

“As parents, encourage—do not complain; motivate—do not agitate; be a team parent.”


1. Be positive with your son. Let him know it is a great accomplishment to simply be a part of Minnetonka Football.

2. Do not offer excuses for why he is not playing. There is usually a reason for it. Encourage him to work hard and do his best.

3. Do not criticize his coaches. The coach represents: the Boss, Authority, the Parent, and the Teacher. If you constantly criticize your son’s coaches, you cannot expect him to play for them. He is being taught to be a complainer, not a doer. Discuss problems with your son. If needed, have your son talk to his position coach. If you are still not satisfied, meet with Coach Nelson. Problems do not get solved unless your son communicates with his coaches.

4. Encourage your son to follow team and school rules. If we are going to truly be successful, your son must follow the MSHSL rules, Minnetonka High School rules, and Minnetonka Football rules.

5. Insist on your son working to his ability academically. Check the number of hours your son spends on homework. It is the duty of the parent to see that their son is working in the classroom. No matter how good a player he may be, if he doesn’t have good grades he doesn’t get in to college—times have changed.

6. Do not develop envy toward other players. Do not live your live vicariously through your son. Football is a gam—let them play it. Do not show animosity or jealousy for any of your son’s teammates because they carry the ball more, score more touchdowns or get more publicity. Who cares who scores or gets the publicity. The important thing is that every player on the team does his best!

7. Do not be a know-it-all. The coaching staff at Minnetonka works with your son and his teammates every day. They know what each player can do and what each player cannot do. As a fan, you are encouraged to be “into the game”, but please be positive toward our players and coaches.

8. Insist on your son’s respect for the game of football, the officials, and our opponent’s players and coaches. Instill in him the importance sportsmanship. Make sure he understands how important it is to have “class”. It takes years to develop a “class” program, but it can take seconds to destroy it.

9. Foster in your son a positive self-image. Do not compare and contrast your son with former family members who played. Help him in any way possible to feel good about himself and his role in Minnetonka Football.

10. Encourage your son to play the game of football for the “love of the game”. Winning will take care of itself. Post-season awards will take care of themselves. College scholarships will take care of themselves. Usually, good things happen to teams and individuals who happen to be unselfish, hard working, and committed.

11. BONUS: Represent Minnetonka Football well in the stands. Remember that there are wives, mothers, fathers, and children of coaches and players down on the field. Cheer positively for everyone, and refrain from using derogatory and foul language in the stands. High School Football is family entertainment; please help keep the stands family-friendly.