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You are critical to our success on and off the field!!

Parent Grade Rep Manuals (Grades 9-11)

Other Parent Volunteer Manuals

Other Parent Volunteer Manuals

Parent / Player Salt Sale (GRADES 9-12):

Player Salt Order Form:  Sell 50 bags - turn in forms to Coach Nelson. 

Please - DO NOT bring money when you turn your order in - you will hand in money collected when you pick your salt up on Delivery Day (Saturday July 13th) at Cub (Highway 7 and 101).  All players should report at 8:00 AM to help deliver on line orders.  Players can deliver their personal orders after online orders are delivered.  

The goal of each player is to sell 50 bags - online orders DO NOT COUNT toward their goal of 50 bags.

Players can "buy out" of the salt sale for $150.  On-line payment or make check payable to the Minnetonka TD Club and handed off to Coach Nelson.